Monday, 17 August 2015



Serious security threat is originated by node capture attacks in hierarchical data aggregation where a hacker achieves full control over a sensor node through direct physical access in wireless sensor networks. It makes a high risk of data confidentiality. In this study, we propose a securing node capture attacks for hierarchical data aggregation in wireless sensor networks. Initially network is separated into number of clusters, each cluster is headed by an aggregator and the aggregators are directly connected to sink. The aggregator upon identifying the detecting nodes selects a set of nodes randomly and broadcast a unique value which contains their authentication keys, to the selected set of nodes in first round of data aggregation. When any node within the group needs to transfer the data, it transfers slices of data to other nodes in that group, encrypted by individual authentication keys. Each receiving node decrypts, sums up the slices and transfers the encrypted data to the aggregator. The aggregator aggregates and encrypts the data with the shared secret key of the sink and forwards it to the sink. The set of nodes is reselected with new set of authentication keys in the second round of aggregation. By simulation results, we demonstrate that the proposed technique resolves the security threat of node capture attacks.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014


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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Avadhootha Technologies: Jobs

Avadhootha Technologies: Jobs

Avadhootha Technologies: Content Writing

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Avadhootha Technologies: Logo Designing

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Avadhootha Technologies: Web Promotion

Avadhootha Technologies: Web Promotion: The internet has changed the whole world of marketing, with its advantages. The internet marketing is unique in providing viewers to...

Avadhootha Technologies: Search Engine Optimization

Avadhootha Technologies: Search Engine Optimization: The term SEO is known as Search Engine Optimization refers to optimizing the web pages as per the algorithms of the search engine us...